Therapy Services at Alden Lincoln Park includes the specialized treatment of injuries and disorders — particularly those sustained by trauma, orthopedic or neurological injury, burns, cancer or wounds. Alden Lincoln Park has highly skilled therapists who design treatment plans that are unique to each individual’s rehabilitation needs. Working with physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers and other health professionals, our therapists use a team approach to patient care.

Returning Home as Independently as Possible

We provide therapy services to our patients that take into account their health history, current medical condition and outcome goals. One-on-one therapy is administered by clinicians experienced in physical and cognitive rehabilitation. Therapists work with patients on improving function and mobility, activities of daily living, psychosocial adjustment and returning home as independently as possible.

Therapy Services include:

Whether you require a few days of therapy or weeks of rehabilitation, Alden Lincoln Park provides comprehensive care for individuals with a wide range of orthopedic, cardiac and neurological needs – all in a luxurious setting with five-star amenities.